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Bungee Run, Joust, Velcro Walls, Wrecking Balls!

Rent Interactive Inflatable Game Rentals like bungee run, joust and velcro or sticky walls for your corporate carnival event!

We also rent inflatable wrecking balls, cash cubes, and other fun games as well!

So, if you're in or near local GA, rent an interactive inflatable game today!

Bungee Run and Joust Games

Bungee Run / Joust Combo



30'L x 17'W x 9'H

Bungee Race Inflatable Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental

One Inflatable

with 2 Games!

Racing or Jousting!

Jousting Inflatable Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
You may want to try Jousting
You may want to do the Bungee Run!
You don't have to sacrifice!
Get 2 games in one!
More people get to play faster
You won't have long to wait!
Racing then Jousting!
Because you can rotate, rotate, rotate!

Bungee Basketball Game



40'L x 14'W x 10'H

Bungee Basketball / Bungee Run Interactive Inflatable Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental

1 Inflatable/2 Games

Bungee Basketball

or Bungee Run!

Bungee Basketball Interactive Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
This bungee run has a new challenge to it.
2 basketballs to shoot in the net.
Not so easy with a bungee cord holding you back!
So, how many baskets do you think you can get?
And then of course, if you would prefer,
There's an old fashioned bungee run race.
Who can get their bean bag the furthest?
Who will be in first place?
Bungee Run or Jousting Games

Bungee Race



34'L x 11'W x 10'H

Bungee Race Interactive Inflatable Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
Now, this of course, is the old fashioned
Bungee Run Race!
So, stretch out that bungee
If you want to be in first place!
Super simple. Super fun!
Don't let that bungee beat you!
Be number one!




27'L x 31'W x 15'H

Battlezone Jousting Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
Climb up to the platform and get your balance on!
Jousting in a whole new way
On this HUGE new Battle Zone!
Who will be left standing?
Who will be the first to fall?
Make sure you take some videos
As these jousters will have a ball!

Velcro or Sticky Wall Rentals

Velcro Wall

Velcro or Sticky Wall



22'L x 13'W x 13'H

Sticky Wall or Velcro Wall Inflatable Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
OK, I know it sounds crazy.
But, slip into this Velcro suit.
Whether you're a child, teen, or adult,
You'll look so cute!
Now, here comes the fun part!
Run and Jump at this wall.
Imagine what happens when Velcro meets Velcro!
So, go ahead now! Don't stall!

High Voltage Velcro Wall



22'L x 13'W x 13'H

High Voltage Sticky Wall or Velcro Wall Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
Want to give your employees a super fun time
At your corporate event?
Then, I have the perfect inflatable
For you to rent!
You know they've always wanted
To stick their boss to the wall!
Give them the chance!
And just have a ball!

Other Super Fun Game Rentals

Jacobs Ladder



24'L x 16'W x 10'H

Jacobs Ladder Inflatable Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
Try climbing up this twisty rope ladder
And see if you can make it all the way to the top!
If not, you will still have a lot of fun landing
On the inflatable below with a spin and a flop!

Cash Cube

(Does NOT include the "cash")


6'L x 6'W x 10'H

Cash Cube Inflatable Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
Step into the Cube,
Now, turn on the big FAN!
It's not as easy as it looks!
To catch as much "cash" as you can!




16'L x 16'W x 7'H

Octagon Interactive Inflatable
If wrestling is what you're in to
Then, this is the game for you!
The Ultimate Wrestling Octagon
Let's see what you can do!

Inflatable Skee Ball



17'L x 13'W x 9'H

Skee Ball Inflatable Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
This is an old time favorite, but
Played in a new time way!
The new inflatable Skee Ball Game!
Come on everybody! You know how to play!

Inflatable Twister



15'L x 15'W x 3.5'H

Inflatable Twister Game Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
Right Foot Yellow, Left Hand Green
This is the craziest game I have ever seen!
Can you reach for Right Hand Red?
That's why they call it Twister!
'Nuff said!

Strike A Light

(not an inflatable, but tons of fun!)


4'L x 3'W x 3'H

Strike A Light Interactive Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
Strike a Light, how fast are your hands?
Let the hand eye co-ordination begin!
When the light comes on, just strike it!
And we will see the fastest hands win!
Watch Video >
Jacobs Ladder
Skee Ball
Cash Cube
Twister Inflatable
Strike A Light
Ultimate Sports Challenge

Ultimate Sports Challenge

7 Games in 1



20'L x 40'W x 14'H

Ultimate Sports Interactive Inflatable Game

7 games in 1

Ultimate Sports Twister Game
Ultimate Sports Challenge Inflatable Game
Ultimate Sports Jousting Inflatable

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Bungee Run, Jousting, Velcro Wall, Sticky Wall, Wrecking Ball Inflatable Rentals

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