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Event Carnival Game Rentals

Carnival game rentals for your corporate event, school or church festival or carnival.

We rent water game trailers to grand carnivals with prizes!
We rent dunk tanks and table top carnival games like ring toss for your event as well. So, if you're in or near local GA, rent a carnival game today!

Water Games

Beat the Bucket Water Game



You need to provide a water source

and a water hose to reach from the faucet to the game.

Beat The Bucket Water Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
Beat the Bucket Water Game
Awesome for Corporate Events, and
School or Church Festivals
because you don't have to worry
about a tank full of water!
Any age can play and you still get soaked!
It's easier to rotate turns AND
each player gets fresh clean water everytime!
Watch Video >

Dunk Tank Water Game


You need to provide a water source

and a water hose to reach from the faucet to the game.

Dunk Tank Rental Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
Dunk Tank Water Game
A huge tank of water sitting below.
Just hit the target and down they go!

Carnival Games

5 Game Carousel



25'L x 25'W x 17'H

Carnival Game Carousel Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
5 Game Carousel
Carnival Game Carousel
5 Games in 1
And every game is super fun!
No event would be complete
Without a carousel of games to play!
So,  make your carnival super fun!
And rent this Game Carousel today!

The Grand Carnival Inflatable


8'L x 20'W x 12'H

Can hold up to 4 games

The Grand Carnival Game Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
The Grand Carnival
Give your Corporate Event
That extra Carnival feel!
Rent The Grand Carnival
Because it's the real deal!
With carnival games to play
And prizes to give away!
Your guests will have no shame!
As they play each Carnival Game!

The Grand Carnival Only

and use your own games, prizes, and attendants.


The Grand Carnival

with 4 Carnival Games 

And use your own prizes and attendants


Prize Package Price

(Price of Package depends on prizes and # of hours)

The Grand Carnival

with 4 Carnival Games,

Prizes, and


Carnival Games for the Grand Carnival

Balloon Pop Carnival Event Game
Balloon Pop
Carnival Game
Clown Tooth Knock Out Carnival Event Game
Clown Tooth
Knock Out Game
Hit the Bucket Carnival Event Game
Hit The Bucket
Carnival Game
Stand a Bottle Carnival Event Game
Stand A Bottle
Carnival Game
Shock Wave Carnival Event Game
Shock Wave
Carnival Game
Down a Clown Carnival Event Game
Down A Clown
Carnival Game
Can Smash Carnival Event Game
Can Smash
Carnival Game
Ring Toss Carnival Game
Ring Toss
Carnival Game

The Vault Carnival Game


Can be rented by itself for $250

or in place of one of the Carnival Games

for the Grand Carnival for an additional $175

The Vault Carnival Game.png
The Vault
You have 30 seconds to figure out the code!
That unlocks THE VAULT or it will explode!
(Just kidding)
But seriously,
Watch the video and you will see
How fun unlocking The Vault can be!
Watch Video >

3 Game Carnival



5'L x 19'W x 10'H

3 Game Carnival
Make your carnival more fun
with 3 Games in 1!
So, step right up and don't be shy
Give this carnival game a try!
Carnival Game with Ring Toss, Axe Throw, and Bean Toss Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental

Hi Striker

Hi Striker

Hit the target so hard
that it shoots the puck to the sky!
We know you can do it, yes you can!
So, come on give it a try!

Water Game Trailer

Water Game Trailer

Great for Corporate Events, Church and School

Spring and Fall Festivals!


35'L x 35'W x 16'H

Prizes Included (Different Packages Available) 

Price Includes Attendant

Water Game Trailer Corporate Carnival Event Game Rental
Water Game Trailer
Aim the water at the target
To make your turtle rise!
If you reach the top
Before everyone else,
You get to take home a prize!
The Water Game Trailer is
One of the most favorite
Corporate Event Pieces we rent!
So, give them a prize
To keep forever
And they'll never forget your event!

We have

different size

prize packages

to fit your budget!


This unit comes with a generator

You need to provide a hose and a water source

To fill the water tank

Call For Pricing

(Some conditions may apply)

Rental Price is based on 

Prize package, # of Hours, and Distance

Table Top and Yard Carnival Games

Table Top Carnival Game Rentals
Down the Ducks Carnival Game Rentals
Down The
Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental
Roller Bowler Carnival Game Renta
Monster Blast Carnival Game Rental
Monster Blast
Mega 4 in a Row or Giant Connect 4 Game Rental
Mega 4 in a Row
Parachute Game Rental
Giant Jenga or Tumbling Towers Game Rental
Tumbling Towers
Corn Hole Yard Game Rental
Corn Hole
Event Game Categories
Corporate Event Amazing WOW Factor Games for rent



Corporate Event Inflatable Sports Games for rent



Corporate Event Bungee Run, Joust, Velcro Wall and Wrecking Ball Games for rent

Other Super

Fun Games

Corporate Event Carnival Games for rent



Corporate Event Dunk Tanks and Foam Pits for rent

Dunk Tanks

and Foam Pits

Party Rental Extras

Super Fun

party Extras!

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