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Party Rental Extras for Events

Party rentals like snow blowing machines and bubble machines are super fun extras to add to your event.

Rent a sky or air dancer to announce your event site!

And don't forget the snow globe to take lasting picture memories of your corporate, church, or school event or carnival!

Snowy the Snowman

Snowy the Snowman

The snow may not be real

But it'll give your event

That winter feel!


Includes enough

Evaporative Snow Concentrate

To last about 4 hours

Christmas and Holiday or Winter Themed Event Parties
Snowy the Snowman
Our Snowman blows snowy kisses!
To make your winter white!
So, add some fun to your winter party!
And make it a beautiful sight!
Watch Video >

Snow Globe Inflatable

Perfect for winter themed events!

No jumping! Just pictures please!


12'L x 12'W x 14'H

Clear Vinyl Dome

For picture taking only!

Christmas and Holiday or Winter Themed Event Parties
Snow Globe
A great way to reminisce
And tell all your winter time stories!
Is to rent this snow globe
And take pictures of those
winter fun memories!
Air Dancers

Air or Sky Dancer

Air Sky Dancer
Air Sky Dancer Rentals
Air or Sky Dancer
The Party is here!
There will be no doubt!
When these sky dancers
Dance and Shake all about!
Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine Rental
Bubble Machine
Bubbles, Bubbles!
Don't just stop and stare!
Catch the bubbles
Flying everywhere!
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